Ypsilanti’s 50-Year-Old Time Capsule to be Opened on July 4th

Fifty years ago on July 8, 1973, Ypsilanti celebrated 150 years of Ypsilanti’s incorporation by planting a time capsule.

Time capsules represent our collective desire to leave a mark on the annals of time and have been used for thousands of years to offer those in the future a glimpse into the past. The contents are often preserved objects, documents or information chosen to reflect the culture, technology and lifestyle of a particular era or specific moment in time.

The alluring promise of unlocking the mysterious unknown such as forgotten stories, technologies, and customs lies within a capsule, making them a captivating and valuable part of human history.

There are even time capsules in space but Ypsilanti’s Sesquicentennial time capsule is a bit closer to home. It was buried near the base of a bust of General Demetrios Ypsilantis, just west of the Ypsilanti Water Tower.

The unveiling

Fifty years later, as part of Ypsilanti’s Bicentennial celebration, the Ypsilanti Bicentennial commission will open this historic treasure. Imaginations will soar as long forgotten relics offer a vivid glimpse into the lives and times of those who came before us. This message from the past to the future serves as a reminder that our stories, too, will one day be cherished by those who walk the path we leave behind.

The time capsule will be opened immediately following the Fourth of July parade. The parade ends in Depot Town and the capsule opening will be at Riverside Park.

Join other community members in the unveiling of a decades-old message from the past to the future, collectively experiencing the timeless connection with those who came before us and those who will follow in our footsteps. 

More events

In addition to these festivities, there are numerous upcoming bicentennial events to recognize Ypsilanti’s incorporation two centuries ago. Come celebrate this amazing town!

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